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Alexi's Fighter Creation Guide

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Fighter Creation
Creating a fighter is a difficult process, a manager must decide if they want to build a project fighter, a fighter they can fight immediately in order to fund other projects or someone in between. When building a fighter think about what type a fighter you want a fighter who can strike, one who can grapple or a fighter who can do it all. But lets not get ahead of myself, there are 4 primaries, thirteen secondary’s and six physical skills that comprise the game. They range from 1-150 points in each skill, the divisions are as such:
1.95-9.99 Useless
10.00-19.99 Abysmal
20.00-29.99 Woeful
30.00-39.99 Feeble
40.0-49.99 Mediocre
50.00-59.99 Competent
60.00-69.99 Respectable
70.00-79.99 Proficient
80.00-89.99 Strong
90.00-99.99 Superb
100.00-109.99 Remarkable
110.00-119.99 Wonderful
120.00-129.99 Exceptional
130.00-139.99 Sensational
140.00-149.99 Elite
Each set of roughly 10 skill points is divided into 4 sub levels of --,-,+ and ++ which are roughly 2.0-2.5 points apart for sublevels.
Each primary skill, which is to say, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, each of these primaries have a set of sub skills that are related to them to varying degrees. The Boxing primaries related secondaries are as follows: Punch Technique, Clinchwork and Strike Defense. The Muay Thai primaries related secondaries are as follows: Kicks, Elbows, Knees, Clinchwork, Strike Defense. The Wrestling related primaries are as follows: Take Down Offense, Take Down Defense, Ground and Pound, Transitions, Defensive grappling and escapes. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu related secondaries are as follows: Submissions, Defensive grappling, Transitions and escapes.

Physicals effect everything in this game the six physicals are Speed, Agility, Balance, Strength, Flexibility and Conditioning. Each physical’s purpose should be fairly straight forward and easy to understand if you think about it logically.

When I create a project fighter, I either start with a muay thai base or a wrestling base, for muay thai base I put 100-110 points in muay thai and the rest in boxing. For secondaries I do 110 points in kicks and knees as well as 110 points in clinchwork. Wrestling base I do 110 in Take Down Offense Ground and Pound and clinch. Either way I start, I will train the weak areas up to a high level in order to make my fighter as effective as they can be.

Physicals are a matter of opinion, I always put at least 90 points in cardio so I can get 10+ training sessions a week out of my fighter in order to maximize his learning speed. What do I mean by learning speed? Learning speed refers to the points gained by your fighter in a 1 on 1 coached session on a useless skill. As is, a secondary skill not a physical skill. A skill that you don’t put points into at creation starts at 1.95 or useless--, a good learner as classified by most managers will go to useless+ after one session.
But let me digress because there are a variety of hiddens within this game. Things like intelligence, heart, ko power, chin, confidence, injury proness (how fragile he is), his resistance to cuts, his inherent popularity, experience are the variety of hiddens you can choose from.

Adapt gameplan=intelligence
Amateur background=experience
The rest are pretty self-explanatory so I won’t go through them. You get to choose three of these hiddens at creation. That does not mean your fighter will automatically have those hiddens, he just receives a 30 point boost to those three hiddens. That of course means your chances of getting those hiddens to show in the Tale of the Tape is more likely. The list of hiddens and known ToT lines are as follows:

The first line covers grappling skill, the second covers striking, the final line of the ToT relates to hiddens and physicals.

Here is the list of hiddens/physicals currently known to show on the ToT and what they mean
Granite Chin-the highest overall hidden, which means your fighter is very difficult to KO.
Solid/Good Chin-The level below granite chin, still difficult to KO but less so than Granite
KO Power-It means your fighter hits hard and has a higher chance based off of that in order to get finishes from strikes
Intelligent-It means your fighter is smart and is good at adjusting his game plan during a fight and is generally move effective as a fighter as a whole.
Big Heart/Determined-It means your fighter can be hurt but will recover faster after being hurt and be difficult to finish by TKO or submission but it is still possible.
Very Confident/Self Confidence-your fighter does not get discouraged easily if he is not having success in a fight and is a naturally more aggressive fighter when in the cage/ring.
Experienced-Similar to intelligence in function and purpose but not quite the same.
Heavy Handed-Similar to KO power but not quite the same, it’s a lower tier, similar to that of granite chin and good/solid chin.
Cuts Easily-IT means your fighter has a higher chance of suffering from a cut during a fight.
Perfers Standup/Ground-No particularly good or bad hiddens to mind understanding.
Can Moonwalk, Likes pizza, enjoys gardening, good in bed-same as prefers stand up.
Those are all the hiddens that can show in the ToT, physicals that can show are:
Very Strong/Powerful-high strength (remarkable or better)
Very Quick-High agility (remarkable or better)
Fast-Very high speed (Sensational or higher)
Cardio Machine/Good Gas Tank-Very High conditioning (Sensational or better)
Insanely Flexible-Very High Flexibility (Sensational or better)
Physicals will cover hiddens if they are at the listed levels, however some hiddens take precedence over others. Granite Chin is the highest hidden in the list because it is the highest hidden (according to our best information.


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