Fighter Creation

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Fighter Creation

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This game is a simulation, so use your real life common sense when you create a fighter. Size does matter, so the taller he is, the more reach he will have, but he will most likely be easier to takedown.

WIKI - Fighter Creation Personal Details
WIKI- Fighter Skills

You’re better off starting a fighter to be one-dimensional than trying to create him all around. Most managers put 110 in one primary, then choose 3 secondaries to put 110 points in. As for physicals, it’s totally up to you. But i suggest go for the physicals that benefit your primary.

Distributing Your Points
Fighter Creation Explained

18 years old, or 25 years old?

25 years old
This can easily be the most confusing question a new manager can ask. If you want to fight right away, and be able to compete well after creation, go for a 25 years old. The downside of a 25yo is that he will learn pretty slow, and once he hits 27 years old, younger fighters will already be more skilled than him. 25 years old fighters are probably the best when it comes to learning how to fight, but you will most likely end up releasing him a few months in. Don’t get emotionally attached.

18 years old
If you plan to have a fighter that is going to do wonders in the long run, this is what you want to create. Note that the 18 years old will require around 3 to 6 months of training before they can start fighting. Once you start fighting, the best thing would be to fight every 4-5 weeks, to give him enough time to train. You will want to train him one-dimensional at first, then slowly start to work on his weaknesses. It’s better to have a fighter great at one thing, than “ok” at a few things.

Specific fighter builds

Once your fighter is created, you can go to the “Highstreet” section, and buy him clothes (will keep his morale up if you change regularly) and supplements (most likely “reduce energy loss” to help him get the most out of his training).


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